Satin ribbon

We are one of leading satin ribbon printing and Supplier Company in the United Arab Emirates. We also provide woven label with printing for clothing labeling purpose and packing, wrapping purpose too.

Satin ribbon widely used for gift items wrapping, packing with printing of company logo or individual name. we have various style and types of sating ribbon roll in 25 yard, 36 yard & 50 yard. Sating ribbon also available in more than 15 colors and sizes like 1 cm, 1.5 cm, 2 cm. 2.5 cm, 4 cm, 6 cm, and widely used 1 inch, 2 inch and 3 inch ribbon.

Do you want satin ribbon at cheap price in UAE?

most of company provide hard satin ribbon roll or reel but we understand your demand that every one looking at soft satin material and we exceptionally give you beautiful and finely woven satin polyester fiber fabric ribbon. And we are not expensive too. We sell the very best satin material. This satin ribbon is edge finish-stitched and silky smooth. Our satin ribbons are available in both single face and double face styles, with a selection of 50+ colors and widths ranging from 1/8" to 4". Single face is shiny on one side and dull on the other while Double face is shiny on both sides

  1. Satin ribbon roll available with various fancy styles: Value Double Faced Satin

Value Double Faced Satin Ribbon has a luxurious, shiny satin surface on both sides. Satin ribbon is easy to personalize.

  1. Poly Ribbon

Poly ribbon is one of the Best Quality material which available widely in china and UAE. Made in the USA of 100% polypropylene in lots of beautiful colors and sizes

  1. Known as U.S.A. Double Faced Satin

Double faced satin ribbon roll is the Best quality Double Faced Satin Ribbon mainly manufacturing in USA and china

  1. Flora Satin Ribbon

Which called as Berwick Flora Satin Ribbon poly satin ribbon with taffeta embossed texture roll available in 50 & 100 yard spools in various size which commonly used for gift wrapping and fancy decoration purpose

  1. Printed satin ribbon

Are you looking for best quality soft and smooth satin ribbon in wholesale price?

We provide satin ribbon printing also in roll and pieces too. Printed satin ribbon mainly used for clothing label to put branding and logos, wash care instruction. We do heat transfer printing on satin ribbon, silk screen printing with washable ink printing and embroidering as well

These Satin Ribbon in this section comes on 20 meter reels, 28, 36 & 50 meter or yard based on your demand  if you require the larger 50 meter bulk reels kindly make an advanced order and book by making 50% of advance so production will be started and delivered accordingly no matter which size and length we customize it

In most popular roll ribbons are the satin ribbons, which come in a wonderful variety of colors and sizes as per customer request. Satin ribbons are universally coveted for their glossy and smooth surface on one or both sides of the ribbon. The shiny texture of satin ribbons make them popular for elaborate gift wrap as well as for use on garments and accessories. We manage smooth and soft satin ribbons for clothing label and wrapping purpose you would love it

What is the Usage of satin ribbon?

Yes satin ribbon widely used for shopping paper bag handle, cloth labeling, to put company logo and wash care instruction in clothing industry, fashion and boutique, cosmetic packaging, gift packing, gift wrapping, wedding gift packing with printing