Mug sublimation

What exactly sublimation?

Yes, Sublimation is the conversion of a body directly from the solid to the gas phase without passing through the intermediate liquid phase or ink. Sublimation is an endothermic phase transition that occurs at temperatures and pressures below a substance's triple point in its phase diagram and flat body of the ceramic mug, plate, plaque etc... The reverse process of sublimation is desublimation or deposition, in which a substance passes directly from a gas to a solid phase. Sublimation has also been used as a generic term to describe phase changes between solid and gas that avoid the liquid state without specifying the direction of the transition. Mug sublimation normally through inkjet printer sheets to heat press machines which transfer print area to ceramic mug now a days call 3d sublimation which can be printed edge to edge and even curved area too.

What is the meaning of sublimation and why mug sublimation becomes more familiar?

Answer is very simple sublimation is a process that enable to transfer multi colors printing to ceramic and some plastic surface, regardless you are going to transfer kids photos or multi colors or process colors company logo, picture, high quality images etc… and once we transfer this and we cant touch any print impression on the surface or mug like the way we do silk screen printing as it old printing method. We at shara manage all kind of sublimation works like mug, coffee plate, plate, award plaque, water bottle, t shirts full color sublimation as well. We use high quality sublimation ink, paper and machinery to get maximum print out put which makes our client happy in all the way

Sublimation process is really expensive or going to be cheap?

Mug sublimation or any other sublimation process not expensive at all and and if we compare with silk screen printing its really cheap and high quality printing too. And multi colors printing on mug only way to do sublimation no other way to do photos or process colors and no texture or impression will come after printing ye we can say mug sublimation one of best option to do printing full colors photos and logos  visit our factory or office today to know more about mug sublimation and other sublimation works in United Arab Emirates.

Why we have to do mug sublimation or mug printing normally?

A well designed and printed mugs are one of the best choice to promote your brand and logos at cheap price, Mug printing or sublimation not expensive option at all so Mugs at corporate gifts company in Dubai, UAE we offer the widest variety of promotional mugs, coffee mug, ceramic mug, plastic mug,  custom printed promotional logo mugs & personalized mugs. Custom printed mugs are great for business promotion, trade show giveaways, corporate gifts, corporate promotions, reunions, birthdays, wedding favors, party favors, event, exhibition to make your event more color ful and joyful. Now promote your business with promotional logo mugs at the lowest prices in the UAE market! Mugs are considered one of UAE favorite promotional items for corporate and even individual needs we will print full colors photos on mug and logos as well visit our production unit today to make your sample now.

We at sahara gifts printing Company are wholesalers of promotional mugs in Dubai, UAE. We also import ceramic mugs, travel stainless steel mugs, glasses, sublimation mugs, screen printed mugs from china. We offer high quality glasses such as hurricanes glassware, pilsner sports mug, coffee mug, wedding flutes, and much more. We are also know to be one of the largest sports bottle distributor across the United Arab Emirates, Middle East and African country

Mug sublimation can be finished urgent basis in one hour regardless quantity 10 or 1000 units we we have capacity to complete production even in a day also if its big quantity